Yamaha Engine Options

F200XSA20025″Digital – DEC/DSAAGray
F200XSA220025″Digital – DEC/DSAAWhite
F250XCB25025″Digital – DEC/HYDBGray
F250XSB25025″Digital – DEC/DSABGray
F250XSB225025″Digital – DEC/DSABWhite
F300ECB30035″Digital – DEC/HYDBGray
F300ESB30035″Digital – DEC/DSABGray
F300USB30030″Digital – DEC/DSABGray
F300USB230030″Digital – DEC/DSABWhite
F300XSB30025″Digital – DEC/DSABGray
F300XSB230025″Digital – DEC/DSABWhite

Note: When a Cape Fisherman 26 is ordered with twin engines, one of the engines will be an LF model (counter rotation).

Mechanical and Digital Engines

Many of the boats sold by Jones Brothers have both mechanical and digital engine purchase options. The Yamaha mechanical outboards use an older technology utilizing physical throttle control cables, mechanical or hydraulic steering, and are somewhat less expensive than the digital models. There are two varieties of digital motors. The “Digital – DEC/HYD” motors listed in the table use a Command Link Plus “fly-by-wire” throttle control, but have hydraulic steering. The “Digital – DEC/DSA” motors use both digital throttle and steering control, and the engines have integrated electronic steering actuators. 

Yamaha Engine Model Codes

Visitors examining boats on the Jones Brothers website will find that each boat has different engine options – some with substantial price differences even with engines with the same HP rating. A person would correctly assume that the differences in price are based on features. Unfortunately, the Yamaha website does not contain any information about the specific engine model codes used to price and sell our products. This section attempts to answer questions about the different Yamaha models available on Jones Brothers boats.

The following table lists the current Yamaha outboard model codes definitions (2024).

Fuel Induction/Engine TypeF = Four Stroke
LF = Four Stroke (Counter Rotation)
VF = V MAX SHO® Four Stroke
T = High Thrust Four Stroke
XF = Extreme Thrust Offshore Four Stroke
Horsepower2.5hp to 425hp
Shaft LengthS = 15″ L = 20″ X = 25″
U = 30″ E = 35″ J = Jet
N = No lower unit (LSC Models)
Starting Method
& Tilt Method
Blank = PTT & E start
P = Power Tilt and Electric Start Only
E = Electric Start Only
M = Manual Start Only
T = Power Trim and Tilt (PTT)
W = Electric & Manual Start
Control MethodBlank = Remote Control
H = Tiller Handle
C = Command Link® Control (Digital)
S = Integrated Electric Power Steering
GenerationA = 1st change of motor
B = 2nd change of motor
C = 3rd change of motor etc.
ColorBlank =Gray
2 = White
3 =Matte Brown

Bennett Electric Trim Tabs

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Jump Seat Cushions

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Casting Platform Cushion (Bow)

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Lean Post Cover for Aluminum LP

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Console Cooler

Seafoam Green
Olive Drab
Ice Blue
Fighting Lady Yellow
Flag Blue
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Custom Hull Colors


Olive Drab Hull & Accessories

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Bimini Top

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USB Accessory Outlet – Note: There are two USB ports in the USB outlet.

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Edson Steering Wheel


Console Fly Rod Holders

Lean Post Cover for Fiberglass LP

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Console Cover – Full

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Dual Batteries, Trays, Switches and Wiring Harness

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Washdown System


Box Seat with Cushion


Removable Leaning Post – This option is only available on the Cape Fisherman 20/23 with the optional forward casting deck.

Pop-Up Pole Mounts

Poling Platform (Aluminum)


Custom Hull 2Tone with Boot Stripe

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Casting Platform/Fish Box Forward

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Compass (Ritchie HF742) – Flush Mounted

T-Top Enclosure


T-Top with Rocket Launchers


12″ Aluminum Hand Rails

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Pull-Up Spring Line Cleats


Removable Lean Post Backrest with Rocket Launchers

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Lean Post – Aluminum with Storage Box

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Extra USB Accessory Outlet – Note: There are two USB ports in the USB outlet.

Dash Storage Box

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Console Upper Storage Box

Console Rod Rack


Console Cushion Set

Console Cover – Half

Swim Platform